My Phone History Part 5

Sony Ericcson T610 (2003)

My Experience

Back in the day information like “storage space” and “CPU” were just not listed in the specifications for the phones. Looking around the web I’ve found sites that do have these specifications and it’s quite enlightening. To think that we used to read email, send text messages and have rudimentary access to the Internet at a useable speed when phones like this had just 2Mb of memory.

The camera is now built in and takes pictures up to a resolution of 288x352. That appears to be a step down from the addon camera for the T68i perhaps my research has failed somewhere. Regardless, we’re still talking tiny pictures! The display was 128x160 so it couldn’t show the pictures that the camera took at full resolution. Modern phones have screens with ten times higher density than this!

When I got my first phone with Cellnet the contract included a phone upgrade each year. Still at a sensible price for the time to get a new phone. Reasonable monthly charges were offset by very high call, text and data charges.

Phone Death

Replaced by something with better specs’ while on contract.


Display: Colour 128 x 160 pixels

Camera: 288 x 352 pixels 0.1megapixel

Sound: Polyphonic ringtone

Connection: GSM, Bluetooth v1.0b

Internet: Email, WAP 2.0/xHTML (via “dial up”)

Memory: 2MB

Memory expansion: None

Battery: Removable Li-Ion 770mAh battery, 310h standby, 14h talk time

Dimensions: 102 x 44 x 19 mm , 95g


My Phone History Part 4

Ericsson T68i (2001)

My Experience

Now things started to get interesting. Ericsson were bought by Sony and we see my first phone with a colour screen. Still the sounds are beeps and warbles but the phone is now capable of WAP2.0 web browsing and email. My first phone with Bluetooth I had a Jabra earpiece and felt like the future had finally arrived!

There was no camera on this phone but you could buy and additional camera which plugged into the phone. The camera took pictures that were up to 640x480 resolution and the pictures were stored in the camera plug in. The phone was essentially used just for the battery and the screen. You could use the pictures for contacts or send them to your computer and other phones via Bluetooth.

Phone Death

Replaced by something with better specs’ while on contract.


Display: Colour 101 x 80 pixels

Camera: No (optional plug in extra)

Sound: Monophonic ringtone

Connection: GSM, Bluetooth v1.0b

Internet: Email, WAP 1.2.1 (via “dial up”)

Memory: 500 phonebook entries

Memory expansion: None

Battery: Removable Li-Ion battery, 300h standby, 11h talk time

Dimensions: 101 x 48 x 19.5 mm , 84g


My Third Mobile Phone

Sony Ericsson T28 (2000)

My Experience

Now this was one of my favourite mobile phones! The T28 had little difference in features to the previous phones I’d owned but it had style. The body of the phone was metal and the battery clipped smoothly into it. On the side of the phone was a button that released the spring loaded cover that contained the microphone. A real nice phone, again used mainly for talking and the odd game of “Tetris”.

This phone was accidentally dropped from the upper floor at Blue Water shopping center to the unforgiving hard floor below and it was only the flip that came off. The phone still worked if you used the hands free headset. There wasn’t even a mark on the main body of the phone.

I believe it was the T39 that was the first Ericsson phone to have BlueTooth and I wanted to have one. I wanted to be able to wear an earpiece without a cable and possibly use the phone as a modem with my laptop. I never got the T39.

Phone Death

Replaced by something with better specs’ while on contract.


Display: 3 x 12 Characters monochrome 101 x 33 pixels

Camera: No

Sound: Monophonic ringtone

Connection: GSM

Internet: No

Memory: 250 phonebook entries

Memory expansion: None

Battery: Removable Li-Po 500 mAh battery, 65h standby, 270 minutes talk time

Dimensions: 97 x 50 x 15 mm , 83g


Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

Many of the pictures that I had linked to posts on LiveJournal were linked back to Flickr. Flickr have changed their allowances on free accounts and as such many of the pictures that I linked to are no longer available. I'll look into how to make this better but for the moment it's likely that pictures will show as broken links.

And there's me thinking that stuff saved on the Internet was impossible to delete! I guess that only applies to things that your rather WERE deleted?

Tumble Drier Danger!

So there's been a lot in the press (if you know where to look) about the dangers of certain tumble dryers, ours it would seem, is one of the affected models. We're told that as long as you clear the lint trap after every dry and don't leave the drier unattended then all should be OK. We do clean out the lint trap after every use. The lint trap however does not fit perfectly into the door frame so some fluff builds up around it. As the fluff builds up it stops the trap working properly. Getting into the machine to clean out the fluff from around the trap is not a simple task! I've just cleared all this [pictured] including coins, hair clips, elastic bands, sticks and a small sheep worth of fluff out of the machine. I had to use a stick wound with tape to get some items out, the vacuum nozzle doesn't fit inside the machine so didn't help.

All this fluff builds up around hot parts of the drier and can potential cause a fire! We've registered our drier and are in the long (est 4 million) queue to get the drier fixed. Attempting to clean this out any further would require taking apart which may void the warranty.

Please make sure you clean out the fluff trap in your drier, make sure all your household appliances are registered so that you are notified by the manufacturer of any faults or recalls.

Make sure you know where to turn the power and water off in your house!
Be safe people as the machines are out to get us!

My Second Mobile Phone

Nokia 5110 (?)(replaceable front and back cover) Cellnet (1999?)

My Experience

I’m pretty sure that my next phone was not a Nokia 5110 but it was very similar. All I really remember was getting a pair of these phones and being able to change the colour by using different covers.

Still the phone was just a phone and it was mainly used for making and receiving phone calls. No music, no video, no camera.

A Place For Everything...

As it's Friday I had full intention of getting some manual labour done in the office. I have equipment that I need to inventory and chuck around so I left the DMs at home today. Kneeling can put a lot of scuffs and wear on the toes of shoes so I'm avoiding where possible.
The home for the shoes is in a great new drawer system that we've recently had fitted under the stairs. Until now there was just a small door to the space under the stairs and the only way to utilise the space was to pile the shoes high. Now there are three drawers, two with shoe racks and one deep drawer for bags. Not only is it now easier to find shoes but also I don't have to get down on hands and knees to reach them.
Two consecutive blog post aboue shoes, don't worry this won't be a trend.

The Last Shoes I'll Ever Need?

I was debating how to word the title,
"The last shoes I'll ever wear" or "The last shoes I'll ever buy"? Neither fit since I'll wear other shoes for sure and I didn't buy these shoes, they were bought for me!
I was trying to tie to "Men In Black" in reference to "The last suit you'll ever wear" but my pedantic way of thinking just won't let it pass.
These are Dr Marten, "For Life" shoes and I'm very interested to see how tihs experience goes.
The shoes were expensive (for men's shoes) but come with a guarantee replace or repair for any reasonable wear and tear for the life of the owner... me.
I've registered the shoes, I'll follow the care instructions, I'll be careful to only wear the shoes for sensible use (no decorating or mountain climbing) and will see how well they last and what needs replacing/repairing first.
When I was in my 20s I wore Dr Marten shoes and found them very comfortable. When I tried them again a few years ago I was shocked that they were uncomfortable and the shoes didn't last very long, rubbing at the back of my foot to a point where the rear seem broke. These were not the "For Life" range. I was really put off the brand until stumbling into the concept of shoes that "last forever". I think it's safe to say my feet stopped growing a few years ago now so here's to the last pair of shoe's I'll ever need...
Though technically I'll still need shoes for decorating, climbing etc...


USB cables are far more complicated than they may seem. We use these cables now mainly for charging our mobile devices and see any available USB port as a charger. We need to be more careful of this approach! There are two important issues that you need to be aware of when using USB cables.

  1. Using the wrong cable to connect your mobile device to a USB port may damage the device you're plugging into.

  2. If you do not own the device that has the USB port on it do you know that this device is not reading your data or writing a virus to your mobile device?

The Wrong Cable

What You Need To Know

There are documented cases of USB cables causing damage to laptops when mobile devices are plugged into them for charging. Specifically the new USB-C cables are more likely to cause issue.

Not only could a bad cable lead to damage of a computer it could also cause excessive heat and possibly even start a fire!

What To Do

  1. Where possible use the USB cable and charger supplied with your mobile device.

  2. When purchasing additional chargers or cables get these from your device manufacturer.

  3. When purchasing additional chargers or cables from any source research first.

  4. Be very wary of cables that are very cheap.

  5. Where possible only charge your device from dedicated chargers.

  6. Avoid using USB ports on computers and computer displays unless you are transferring data. Even when transferring data you must be sure of the quality of your USB cable.

  7. If you are not 100% confident in your USB cable do not plug it in to a computer or display, either at home or at work.

  8. Do not use a USB cable that is damaged.

  9. Do not plug a USB cable into a device that is damaged.

  10. Be careful of where you charge your mobile device. Charging causes heat, faulty devices or cables could lead to fire.

The above are all the sort of information that is printed in the "safety manual" provided with new mobile devices but in all honesty, how often do we follow these instructions?

Links To Related Web Atricles

The Verge Feb 4th 2016 - http://www.theverge.com/2016/2/4/10916264/usb-c-russian-roulette-power-cords

Charging From Unknown Sockets

What You Need To Know

There are documented cases of unscrupulous people setting up "Charging stations" that actually attempt to take data from any devices plugged in to charge.

What To Do

  1. Only charge your devices from your own power supply.

  2. Encrypt your mobile device and do not unlock it when charging.

  3. Do not treat all USB sockets as power outlets, expect them to be linked to a data collecting device.