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Tumble Drier Danger!

So there's been a lot in the press (if you know where to look) about the dangers of certain tumble dryers, ours it would seem, is one of the affected models. We're told that as long as you clear the lint trap after every dry and don't leave the drier unattended then all should be OK. We do clean out the lint trap after every use. The lint trap however does not fit perfectly into the door frame so some fluff builds up around it. As the fluff builds up it stops the trap working properly. Getting into the machine to clean out the fluff from around the trap is not a simple task! I've just cleared all this [pictured] including coins, hair clips, elastic bands, sticks and a small sheep worth of fluff out of the machine. I had to use a stick wound with tape to get some items out, the vacuum nozzle doesn't fit inside the machine so didn't help.

All this fluff builds up around hot parts of the drier and can potential cause a fire! We've registered our drier and are in the long (est 4 million) queue to get the drier fixed. Attempting to clean this out any further would require taking apart which may void the warranty.

Please make sure you clean out the fluff trap in your drier, make sure all your household appliances are registered so that you are notified by the manufacturer of any faults or recalls.

Make sure you know where to turn the power and water off in your house!
Be safe people as the machines are out to get us!