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Privacy On The Internets

Most of the stuff on my journal is listed as "Friends Only", there will be the occasional public post but there's a lot more going on under the surface.

What I like about LiveJournal is that as life situations change I can change the privacy settings of past entries too.

Since I've hardly used LiveJournal in the past five years, setting the majority of my older posts to "Friends Only" isn't really a big deal.

Also will be performing a bit of a pruning on the friends list. If your account hasn't been active in a long time, chances are I've probably removed you from my friends list. If we really are friends and like me you've re-found LJ then by all means drop me a message and I'll set you back up.

With any form of social media it's a good idea to review who can see what and limit the use of "public" posts. I'd suggest you're careful with what you put in "Friends Only" and "Private" posts as it's not unheard of for systems to accidentally make such posts public.

Marking posts as "Friends Only" does also stop search engines from finding things on your journal that may no longer be relevant or accurate.