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  Today I picked up Steve, who used to be my boss, from Heathrow and drove him up to Stevenage. It was good to catch up. Even when we worked together he wouldn't get over here more than a couple of times a year.

  Although I'd been to the office in Stevenage I'd not been to the town center itself. This picture sums up the bits we saw. Like many towns around London Stevenage center was thrown up in the 60's. It's a horrible looking place constructed mainly of concrete.

 I did drive around for a while looking for a pub to eat at but eventually just ate in the town center. Not exactly silver service.

  I took the scenic route home and dropped in on my brother and his family, they were pleasantly surprised. All in all it's been a good weekend.


Full Day

I did actually make it to the gym today but I think my efforts were undone by how much I've had to eat. When I woke up this morning the shared bathroom was already in use, so I went back to sleep.

When I woke up for the second time this morning the washing machine was going, with the poor water pressure in this place that meant I'd have to wait if I wanted to have a shower. Decided to go to the gym. I tried the cross trainer today and have to say it's not as comfortable for me as the tread mill.

Spent the day in Guildford. It's been a reasonable day considering it's the middle of winter. Sat in a few different pubs nursing a pint of cola and reading my Kindle.

All in all a pretty laid back day.

Mental Rental!

I rented a car this weekend so I can pick up a friend from the airport on Sunday. I wanted just a compact car but I've ended up with a seven seater, well at least there will be plenty of space for his luggage.

No gym excuse today, but then it's not too late I may still go!


Writer's Block: Hello, World!

My earliest memory is of riding my tricycle in the back garden wondering where my mum was as my grandmother was looking after me. As far as we were able to work out I would most likely have been about four.
What is your earliest memory?

Today's Excuse For Not Going To The Gym

I tried to update the firmware on my hard drive last night and my laptop wouldn't play. After about an hour it simply said "error" and gave up. The machine still worked just didn't take the update. I took my laptop to work today then, this evening I used one of the work machines to try installing the update, it worked!
The laptop is now behaving a lot better. There's still something wrong but it's much, much more usable.

Barbara spoke the insurance company of the owner of the car that crashed into our car and it would appear that the driver wasn't covered. Only way of getting any money will be to sue them and given that they can't afford full car insurance I don't hold out much hope of getting anything from that venture. I'm investigating whether we qualify to get money from the DMV through the "uninsured drivers" scheme. It seems they may be able to help us out an will have more weight behind them to get the money back via fines and possible tax increases etc.

It's Not My Fault!

Carrying the gym bag to work as a way to ensure that I then go to the gym isn't working. Stayed in the office for about an hour after finishing work, did a couple of extra tasks that have been hanging around for a bit, then went to the pub.
My first drink of 2012!
On pint of regular ale followed by a half pint of a beer that is 10% alcohol! It actually had flavor to it and maybe a bit of a kick.
Before we knew it, it was 9pm and well, too late to go to the gym.
I really like the place I work and the people I work with.


Worst Storm Of 2012!

 Just as I started to type this I can hear chain saws! Seems that the wind was a bit strong last night and took down a few trees around Godalming. This was the only one that got in my way. The tree hadn't broken, I suspect that the rain had softened the ground to the extent where the tree lay down rather than snapping.

 Had intended to go to the gym tonight but, I forgot my shorts! You know how when you're at school that's an excuse you use to try and get out of doing gym, that's not the case this time! I'd packed my bag up but left the shorts at home. I guess it's still not to late to go back in to town but.... shorts are packed for tomorrow!

Gym Two Days In A Row?

I'm going to have to buy some more t-shirts soon as I don't have enough to get me through a week and after one session at the gym they really need to be washed.

I'm only doing half an hour of exercise at the moment, that's made up of mainly a gentle run with some walking. I'm covering about 3km (1.8Miles) which is nothing really but it's helping build up my confidence. A little more each day and I hope to soon be doubling that distance in the same time.

It's been years since I've worked up a sweat.... no comments please! Although I naturally walk fast and can walk for long distances I've never been a runner so this is all new to me.

Rather than music I've been listening to Scott Sigler's podcasts. The episodes are typically half an hour long and I can get involved in the story.

I'll pack up my bag and take it in to work with me tomorrow. As I walk past the gym on the way home I'll really have no excuse.

Happy New Year

Woke up at a sensible time this morning, went for Sunday lunch at the local pub, read for an hour then spent an hour at the gym. All in all not a bad day.

Then I get home to find that last night someone drove into Barbara's parked car. Said driver is supposedly insured but there's still the inconvenience of having to get everything sorted. The car left the road, came into the front garden and tore the front wing off Barbara's car before side swiping a tree. Had the car not been there it would have been a full impact into the tree. The driver got out and was running off when Barb' got to the front door, though it didn't take the police long to find her. The woman insists that her husband was driving but as yet there's no evidence that he was anywhere near the car. Barb' says there was barely enough time for anyone to have got out and not be seen by all the neighbours. The woman was clearly not wearing a seat belt as her face was cut and bruised. Both the air bags had gone off.
Barb' kept her cool and I'm so glad that she did. I've had to deal with someone that messed with my car in the past and I'm not so sure I'd have been so cool about someone smacking into my car then trying to run away, what on Earth was she thinking?


First Sunday Walk

The walk from Godalming to Guildford isn't as long as my regular Sunday walk around Bracknell so I'm going to have to add to it, possibly walking back rather than getting the train.

Walking along the River Wey is quite busy. There's lots of river traffic, cyclists and other walkers.
Thankfully today wasn't too hot as there's not much shade. Quite a lot of the walk is along the side of open fields.
Dotted along the river are several World War 2 pill boxes. These were built in the 40's as the last line of defence should the Germans have made it across the English Channel. With so much natural beauty around it's funny that these concrete bunkers still draw a lot of interest.
There are a few points of interest which I noticed on Google Maps but then missed on the walk. Looking back at the map again now I know where I missed them and will hopefully get some pictures next time.
Once I got to Guildford I had a walk around the castle grounds and along the high street before heading back to Godalming on the train.

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